Compliments and Complaints

Positive Evaluation

  • “Genuinely one of my favourite modules in my two years here (if not my no.1 favourite). Feedback on my essay was very helpful.”
  • “Best taught and most interesting module done so far during my time at University. Quickest at getting essay back ever. Module Handbook easy to use and sources easy to find. Most helpful feedback on essays ever received and will keep me in History next year. Best module tutor in Liverpool by far.”
  • “Extremely enthusiastic teaching made me really engage with the lectures.”
  • “Leon Rocha is the best tutor I’ve had so far at university.”
  • “Loved this module. Leon was brilliant at teaching this module. Everything was very interesting and explained well.”
  • “Teaching was excellent; clearly enthusiastic about the subject and student development. Feedback clear and honest, definitely helped my development.”
  • “Leon Rocha is one of the greatest teachers I’ve had. His dedication to his studies and us as students is outstanding. Extremely well-organised, every resource I’ve needed has been available, no problems. He’s always available to contact, always willing to help.”
  • “Overall I would say this module has been one of the best which I have been involved in at university. The friendly and engaging tutelage has made it extremely easy to study the subject of Chinese medicine whilst also making it highly enjoyable.”
  • “Brilliant module – well taught and thoroughly interesting. Very prompt and very detailed feedback. Best module at university so far in terms of content and contact hours. Leon makes sure everyone gets the help they need and that we understand everything. Deserves a raise.”
  • “I’ve really enjoyed this module, so much that I’d love to do a dissertation around it. The teaching has been incredible and it helps that Leon is so passionate about the subject. I previously knew nothing about the topic at all. The assessment was engaging and I really enjoyed researching aspects of it. Well taught and really enjoyable module.”


Critical Feedback / I Don’t Know

  • “Leon is a massive lad.”
  • “My failures on this module are entirely my own.”
  • “Dr Rocha says I’m too lazy. Even though I tend to agree with him, I wish he can phrase it differently.”
  • “Dr Rocha refused to socialise with us and was a bit rude to us.” [LAR: I am struggling to think of the occasion. It might have been that time when I was invited to participate in Pokémon Go and I flatly said no.]
  • “Don’t do this module if you don’t like reading. Or writing. In fact, just don’t do this module.”
  • “China is weird. I don’t think I really like it. I really tried. I’m sorry.”
  • “Too many 80s/90s pop culture references that I didn’t get and I was too afraid to ask because I didn’t want to shame myself in front of the whole class.”
  • “You read, read, and then read some more. I’ve never read so much for a module.”
  • “Some of Leon’s jokes were OK. Most were just really cringey, like my dad’s jokes.”
  • “I get the feeling sometimes Leon doesn’t like this country, actually any country.”